Wilton officer hailed as hero after dashing into burning house to extinguish fire

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WILTON — A Wilton police officer is being lauded for his bravery after charging into a burning home to douse a fire on Weld Road last week.

Officer Cody Henry of the Wilton Police Department responded to a structure fire on May 23, where he was observed leaping from his patrol vehicle and quickly retrieving a fire extinguisher from the trunk.

Without hesitation, Henry entered the smoke-filled residence as flames engulfed the building.

A bystander’s email to the department recounts the harrowing scene, expressing awe at Henry’s swift and fearless actions. “I was just amazed how there was no hesitation, there was smoke pouring from the house! I still can’t believe what I was witnessing, he put out the fire!” the citizen wrote.

According to the eyewitness, the officer’s decisive intervention likely saved both the family residing in the home and the structure itself.

The community member’s message also called for recognition of Henry’s heroism, stating, “I truly believe this young man saved this family and their home! He deserves an award!”

The Wilton Police Department has not yet announced any formal commendation for Officer Henry, but the gratitude of the community and the family affected by the fire is clear.

The department has acknowledged the incident and Officer Henry’s courageous effort, reminding the public of the dangers first responders face and the critical role they play in community safety.

The incident underscores the risks that police officers are willing to take to ensure the safety of the citizens they serve.

Officer Henry’s actions are a testament to the bravery and quick thinking inherent in law enforcement professionals.

The family was unharmed, and the damage to the home was contained, thanks in no small part to Officer Henry’s prompt response.

The Wilton Police Department and the community continue to express their thanks and admiration for his service and bravery.

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