Suspicious behavior reported at Boston hotel leads to arrest

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BOSTON — At about 8:11 p.m. Wednesday, May 29, officers assigned to A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to a report of a bomb threat at the Liberty Hotel Boston, located at 215 Charles Street.

Upon arrival, officers met with several staff members of the hotel who stated that a male approached a patron of the hotel’s lobby bar and made a statement that put all patrons of the hotel bar in fear for their safety.

Officers located the patron who reported the threat to staff, and she informed officers that the threat was communicated after she tried to start a casual conversation with the suspect about his dog.

The patron stated that she had asked the suspect if his dog was trained in anything, and he replied, “I have a bomb in my suitcase.” Fearing for her safety, the patron immediately reported the threat to hotel staff.

Officers immediately began an investigation into the description and whereabouts of the suspect and were able to obtain an accurate description of the suspect and the suitcase in his possession after speaking with several witnesses.

One witness last saw the suspect only a few minutes prior to the arrival of officers, possibly checking into a hotel room with a large brown suitcase.

With the cooperation of hotel staff, officers were able to identify the hotel room that the suspect had booked and was possibly located in, so they began an approach to the room.

Officers were able to locate the suspect inside of the room, and he was arrested after being positively identified by officers and several witnesses.

After the suspect was in custody, members of the Boston Police cleared the hotel room with negative findings for explosive devices or anything dangerous, confirming the suspect’s claims to be false.

The suspect was identified as Mark DiPaolo, a 62-year-old male from Naples, Florida.

DiPaolo was charged with threat concerning the location of dangerous items or a hijack.

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