Goats missing in Exeter, police suspect bear involvement

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EXETER — The Exeter Police Department is actively investigating after several goats, known as kids, were reported missing from a property on Newfields Road.

The case opened on May 25 when the owners contacted authorities to report that three baby goats had vanished, following the disappearance of another kid a few weeks prior.

The owners had heard the goats making noise around 2 a.m. that morning and found nothing amiss at the time.

However, by 5:45 a.m., the goats were missing.

Although no blood or fur was found in the pen, goat remains and blood were later discovered in the woods behind the property.

Initially, the owner thought a predator was responsible for the first missing goat, but after the subsequent disappearances, suspicion of theft arose.

Despite the suspicions, police have not uncovered evidence to suggest human involvement in the disappearances.

Regular patrols continue in the area as part of the ongoing investigation.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, which was notified of the incident, has indicated that a bear may be responsible based on the available information.

Additionally, the Hampton Falls Police Department reported a similar incident, but no connection between the cases has been established.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Exeter Police Department encourages anyone with information to call 603-772-1212.

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