East Haven man charged with animal cruelty after video surfaces

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EAST HAVEN — East Haven Police Department responded to a report of animal abuse captured on video, leading to misdemeanor charges against a local man on Tuesday morning.

Animal Control Officer Emily Higgins received a call on Monday from a concerned citizen who witnessed an older male subject reportedly abusing his dog on Dodge Ave.

The citizen provided Higgins with a video showing Salvatore Follo, born Nov. 30, 1955, of Kenny Court, hitting and kicking his Cane Corso/Mastiff type dog with a leash, causing the animal to fall.

The video quickly spread on social media, including the East Haven Animal Shelter’s Facebook page, prompting tips from the community.

A subsequent sighting of Follo allegedly repeating the abuse on Tuesday led to his identification and address confirmation.

East Haven Police and Animal Control officers visited Follo’s residence at about 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

Follo claimed he was merely “playing” with the dog, named Enzo, during the earlier incident.

Nonetheless, Enzo was taken into custody under CGS 22-329(a), aimed at preventing animal cruelty, and transported to Central Animal Hospital for evaluation.

Follo faces two counts of Animal Cruity under CGS 53-247(a) and a charge for failure to license his dog per statute 22-349.

The East Haven Police Department expressed gratitude to citizens for their assistance in the case, highlighting the role of social media in the swift resolution.

Follo is scheduled for a court appearance on June 6 at the GA 23 court.

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