Berkshire County sheriff warns of phone scam impersonating officers

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PITTSFIELD — The Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to residents about a new scam where individuals are being targeted by a caller posing as Sergeant Brian Martins, claiming to represent the sheriff’s office.

The scam was brought to the attention of the sheriff’s office by numerous phone calls from concerned citizens on Monday evening.

According to reports, the caller informs potential victims of outstanding citations that need to be paid through the court system and requests payment via various online services.

Residents are advised that this is not a legitimate call from the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials stress that law enforcement does not solicit payment over the phone for citations or any other legal matters.

The public is urged to hang up immediately if they receive a call resembling this scam and to report the incident to their local police department.

The sheriff’s office reminds everyone in the community to remain vigilant against such deceptive practices and to prioritize their safety and well-being.

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