Nashua police, state troopers team up to slow down speeders

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NASHUA — In response to numerous complaints about speeding and aggressive driving, the Nashua Police Department and the New Hampshire State Police joined forces on May 20 for Operation Commuter Shield 2024, a targeted effort to enforce traffic laws and promote safe driving.

During the operation, which sought to address the community’s concerns, officers pulled over 141 vehicles.

Notably, a significant majority were found to be traveling more than 20 mph above the speed limit.

The crackdown resulted in 88 warnings and 53 summons being issued for a variety of motor vehicle violations.

Additionally, one individual was arrested for operating a vehicle as an Habitual Offender.

The goal of Operation Commuter Shield 2024 was not only to penalize those breaking traffic laws but also to educate drivers and ultimately alter driving behaviors for improved safety on the roads.

Officials from the Nashua Police Department expressed their gratitude to the New Hampshire State Police for their crucial role in the operation’s success and their ongoing dedication to protecting those who travel on the state’s roadways.

While this initiative was a one-day event, both the Nashua Police Department and the New Hampshire State Police affirm that traffic enforcement remains a high priority.

The agencies intend to persist with their efforts to ensure the well-being of motorists in Nashua and beyond.

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