Bethlehem police seek help identifying individuals in photos

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BETHLEHEM — The Bethlehem Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying one or more persons shown in images released Monday.

Authorities are asking anyone who recognizes themselves or knows the identity of the individuals to contact the police department directly.

The department emphasized that people should not post any names in comments on social media but should instead send a private message or call the police at 603-869-5811 during business hours.

The images have been circulated for informational purposes, the department said, and the individuals depicted are part of an effort to gather information.

The police clarified that the subjects in the photos may not necessarily be involved in a criminal investigation, and the release of their images should not be construed as an indication of guilt or innocence.

The Bethlehem Police Department has not disclosed further details regarding the context of their inquiry or what the individuals may be related to.

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