Plymouth police log over 580 calls, multiple arrests in one-week span

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PLYMOUTH — In a weeklong overview of police activity, the Plymouth Police Department reported a total of 582 calls for service, which included several arrests and investigative incidents from May 13 to May 19.

During this period, the department arrested a 36-year-old on May 13 for multiple offenses including disobeying an officer, reckless operation, and driving without a valid license.

This individual was also apprehended on an existing warrant.

Two days later, on May 15, three separate arrests were made: a 39-year-old on a bench warrant, a 38-year-old on multiple bench warrants, and a 40-year-old for criminal trespass and contempt, also including an arrest on a warrant.

Additional arrests during the week featured a 27-year-old on May 16 for contempt and an arrest on a warrant, a 40-year-old on the same day for a warrant arrest and drug possession charges, and a 51-year-old on April 17, 2027, for an arrest without a warrant as a fugitive.

The Plymouth Police Department also conducted several investigations, including incidents of criminal trespassing and contempt, found or lost property, drug possession, and multiple instances of criminal mischief.

On May 16, a case involving criminal threatening with a deadly weapon was reported.

Despite the significant activity in other areas, there were no motor vehicle accidents reported for the week.

However, the department did issue five warnings for motor vehicle moving violations and one citation for a moving violation.

No parking citations were issued, and no vehicles were immobilized due to non-payment of parking fines during the reported period.

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