Boston police crack down on late-night disturbance, arrest 7 in Dorchester

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BOSTON — Boston police arrested seven individuals, towed five cars, and seized several large speakers early Tuesday after responding to complaints about late-night disturbances in Dorchester.

The operation, conducted by members of the Auto Theft Task Force and the area B-2 N.E.S.T. team, targeted Pier Point Road following community concerns and active 911 calls about revelers causing disruptions.

Officers investigating the complaints encountered a group of individuals playing music at extremely high volumes, likened to those heard in nightclubs.

Those arrested in the crackdown were:

1. Alexi Mateo Santana, 37, of Boston
2. Baryan Bernabe-Cruz, 24, of Mattapan
3. Janderson Moreno, 20, of Roxbury
4. Jonathan Cruz, 25, of Lawrence
5. Luis Angel Pina Espinal, 23, of Dorchester
6. Veanny Diaz, 23, of Roslindale
7. Yunior Munoz Villar, 22, of Dorchester

Each suspect faces charges of disturbing the peace and is slated for arraignment at West Roxbury District Court.

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