Caribou drivers urged to watch for moose at dusk

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CARIBOU — With late spring approaching, the US National Weather Service in Caribou advises motorists to be vigilant for moose activity on roads, particularly around dusk.

The majestic animals are known to wander into open spaces like roadways during this time of year to forage for fresh grasses and avoid black fly bites.

As moose are most active during twilight hours, drivers traveling on country roads and highways should exercise increased caution.

The combination of limited visibility at dusk and the potential for moose to suddenly appear on the road poses a significant risk for both the animals and motorists.

Local authorities are emphasizing the importance of being alert during these peak moose movement times to prevent accidents.

Drivers are encouraged to scan the roadsides for any signs of moose, reduce speed in areas with known moose activity, and always have their headlights on during dusk to improve visibility.

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