York County residents warned of CMP impersonation scam

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ALFRED — Several businesses and community members in York County have been targeted by a telephone scam involving a fake Central Maine Power (CMP) representative, the York County Sheriff’s Office warned Wednesday.

Victims reported receiving calls from someone claiming they were from CMP and alleging that their electricity would be disconnected in 45 minutes due to unpaid bills.

The scammer then directs them to call a specific number, 888-206-5307, to settle the supposed outstanding balance.

Upon calling the provided number, individuals are greeted by an automated system that falsely identifies itself as CMP.

Callers are then instructed by a person to go to Walmart to conduct multiple Western Union transactions to pay the “bill.”

The Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public that this is a fraudulent scheme.

CMP has confirmed that they do not require customers to use such payment methods.

Consumers are advised to verify any contact information for bill payments through their monthly statements and to report any suspicious calls to the proper authorities.

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