Yarmouth police nab two in crack cocaine bust

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WEST YARMOUTH — A surveillance operation by Yarmouth Police led to the arrest of two men on drug-related charges Monday afternoon.

Detectives from the Yarmouth Police Department, alongside members of the Proactive Anti-Crime Unit, were monitoring activity around a residence on Reindeer Lane when they spotted a local man engaging in behavior indicative of drug transactions.

According to officials, the suspect, identified as 38-year-old Joseph Vittatoe of West Yarmouth, was seen meeting with various individuals for brief periods, entering and exiting the residence several times.

Later, a white sedan arrived at the location, and Vittatoe, carrying a black backpack, entered the vehicle along with another man, 39-year-old Adam St. Cyr of Hyannis.

Upon stopping the sedan on Route 28, officers discovered crack cocaine inside Vittatoe’s backpack along with $871 in cash.

St. Cyr, who was arrested on an outstanding warrant, was found to be in possession of additional cocaine and fentanyl hidden in his wallet.

During the booking process, Vittatoe began showing signs of an overdose and admitted to ingesting fentanyl pills.

He received immediate medical attention from Yarmouth Fire/Rescue and was transported to a local hospital.

Vittatoe is facing charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws, distribution of a Class B substance, and a subsequent offense of possession of a Class B substance.

St. Cyr has been charged with possession of a Class A substance and possession of a Class B substance, in addition to the warrant.

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