Springfield police seize ghost gun, arrest three after traffic stop

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SPRINGFIELD — In a coordinated operation, Springfield Police Department’s Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU), led by Captain Brian Keenan, and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department apprehended three suspects and confiscated a loaded ghost gun on May 16.

The FIU had been monitoring Deavon Spencer for several months due to suspicions of his involvement in illegal firearm possession.

On Thursday, detectives traced Spencer to a vehicle and conducted surveillance.

A subsequent traffic stop was made near State Street and St. James Avenue, where Spencer was found in the passenger seat, accompanied by Jerrika Ortiz as the driver and Neva’eh Best in the back seat.

A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a loaded ghost gun, over 100 grams of marijuana, and nine Clonazepam pills.

The suspects were taken into custody, with 24-year-old Deavon Spencer facing multiple charges including carrying a firearm without a license, violation of a firearm surrender order, and possession with intent to distribute Class C and D drugs.

Jerrika Ortiz, 20, and Neva’eh Best, 21, also face similar charges.

Additionally, Ortiz had an outstanding arrest warrant.

The seizure adds to the growing concern over the prevalence of ghost guns—untraceable firearms that lack serial numbers—and their connection to criminal activities.

The suspects are awaiting arraignment in Springfield District Court.

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