Man arrested in $135K wire fraud case in Tolland County

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TOLLAND COUNTY — A Florida man was arrested on charges of wire fraud after allegedly swindling over $135,000 from a Coventry resident, the local police department announced Tuesday.

Osmaldy De La Rosa Nunez, 29, of Orlando, was apprehended following an investigation into a fraud that occurred in August of last year.

According to authorities, De La Rosa Nunez posed as a known acquaintance of the victim and convinced them to transfer funds intended for a third party.

The Coventry Police, with the aid of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, uncovered that De La Rosa Nunez had been operating under a false identity.

He was initially detained in Florida as a fugitive from justice.

After waiving extradition, De La Rosa Nunez was transported to Connecticut where he is being held on a $500,000 bond.

He is charged with first-degree larceny under statute 53a-122 and is scheduled for arraignment at Rockville Superior Court on May 17.

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