Environmental police seize poached striped bass, donate to local food pantry

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NEWBURYPORT — Environmental Police Officers confiscated several hundred pounds of illegally possessed striped bass last night, poached from a restricted area near the Merrimack River dam.

Two individuals were arrested in connection with the poaching incident, while authorities also issued four civil citations and a criminal summons.

The quick response of the Environmental Police prevented the sale of the illicit catch and underscored the enforcement of regulations designed to protect local fish populations.

In a notable act of community service, one Environmental Police Officer took the initiative to filet the impounded fish, which were then donated to a local food pantry and shelter, ensuring the seized bass did not go to waste.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police commended the officers involved for their diligent efforts in both upholding conservation law and contributing to the welfare of the community.

The operation is a reminder of the ongoing commitment to prevent illegal fishing activities and support sustainable practices within the state’s natural resources.

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