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IT IS NATIONAL POLICE WEEK 2024 – a huge shout out to all of our police forces.  Thank you in particular to our Newport City Police Department.  Our Police Chief and his team have safety of our City first and they have proven this over and over.  There are not enough words to describe their dedication, expertise and timely responsiveness to protect the citizens of Newport.  Thank you for your service!


Senator Russ Ingalls and the Mayor held the second of scheduled community forums on May 13.  As promised, we are dedicated to involving our citizens in the discussions to address not only issues surrounding our great City, but also in hearing their experiences, stories and wonderful ideas to advance Newport.  The featured speaker at this community forum was Vermont State Treasurer Mike Pieciak.  As your Mayor, I am focused on keeping Newport on the radar of the State and am committed to having as many State officials join Newport and speak to our citizens as is practically possible.  

The State Treasurer proved this by receiving a strong welcome and providing a willingness to return!   Discussing such financial matters and opportunities, the State Treasurer responded to many questions from our citizens.  

Following the Treasurer was Dave LaForce as Chair of the task force formed by Newport Downtown Development.  Chair LaForce and his team spoke about TIF’s and answered questions by the citizens.  Once again, these forums are being presented to engage Newport’s citizens in the discussion.

A strong and eye-opening presentation followed by the NEKIA Task Force representatives.  Representative Mike Marcotte was present as well.  The presentation focused on the influence of the NEKIA on economic development, workforce and housing development and much more.  NEKTV has the video up on its site.  

A powerful wrap up as to the community’s safety needs and the need for the Police Force to have appropriate space to provide safe service to the community came from our Police Chief and our Council Member, Kevin Charboneau.  The Police Chief explained the shortfalls and implications to current space where the police force is housed.  However, Council Member Charboneau closed with powerful statements on the need for safety for our police force and how lack of such safe quarters interferes with their service to our community.   Senator Russ Ingalls and the Mayor concurred, and both stated that there were discussions ongoing about potential sites at the State level.


Our City is continually hard at work for Newport.  There have been participations in webinars on grants, VLCT Governance trainings, and attendance at fire department trainings. 

Sadly, it continues.  Even during the the community forum evening, the attorney-resident continued to cost the city monies by sending appeals/emails that require the Mayor and legal attention.  It was already identified in my last update how there was a seriously misguided representation by the attorney-resident regarding our Treasurer’s work and ownership of the Treasurer’s work product.  Again, seriously misguided publications stating that the Mayor has an ongoing calculation document created by the Mayor that won’t be turned over to the attorney-resident have been published by this attorney-resident.  It should be noted that licensed attorneys are governed by the Professional Responsibility Board and when they make false and misleading statements that they publish to the press and others, that they are subject to that Board’s oversight.  Bar complaints are filed when such statements are falsely made in order for the oversight board to review such actions.

But note:  We are not stopping!  Regardless of these “distractions” (although requested that the attorney-resident stop by the residents), we are focusing on moving Newport forward.  We will keep you updated on advancements and continue with our community forums. We are here to listen to you—see you at my Mayor’s meetings.


I hear you Newport residents. As your Mayor, I will work with the Council and the City to not only protect your safety but protect the integrity of the City so we can ethically accept monies from State and Federal sources.  Let’s move on Newport.   As you can see, your city employees and your Council are working for the betterment of Newport. 

The Council is looking at the financials and policies and making sure that the City operates in compliance with State and Federal laws.  Change sparks dissension at times, but after it all is in place and the City is running efficiently with appropriate compliance, smooth operations govern.  Thank you for your patience.  However, it is important for the City to be compliant and for the Council to do its work.  

Public comment time at the council meetings is available for your comments as the business at the City Council meetings are the time that the Council can meet to discuss city business.  The time to engage in open discussion with the Mayor is at the Mayor’s meetings on Monday and Wednesday mornings at City Hall in the City Council Room from 9:00-11:00 AM.   Monday Mayor hours are open to all.  Wednesday’s Mayor hours are by appointment.  Your voice it’s important to me and I am listening.  Don’t forget to watch my “from the Desk of the Mayor” NEKTV show.  We are here for you Newport!  Thank you for your confidence — Your Mayor, Linda Joy Sullivan.

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  1. I am the resident-attorney. I was hoping that the Mayor will share with everyone the “false and misleading statements” that I supposedly made. I tell the truth, so I have no knowledge of such statements. Please share them with us, Madam Mayor.

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