Mother subdues rabid fox after attack on 4-year-old in Hollis

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HOLLIS — A 4-year-old child was bitten by a fox on May 14, prompting a response from Hollis Police and EMS to the scene on Truell Rd at approximately 3:30 p.m. The child’s mother managed to hold the animal down, preventing any further injuries.

When authorities arrived, they took control of the fox, which displayed clear signs of illness and aggression.

The animal was euthanized at the location.

New Hampshire Conservation officers took custody of the fox for testing, which later confirmed the animal was infected with rabies.

Both the mother and child received immediate medical care and are expected to recover fully.

The incident has led to public debate, with some questioning the actions taken by Hollis officers.

Chief Brendan LaFlamme defended his officers, stating they acted swiftly and professionally to secure the scene, ensuring the young child received necessary medical attention and preventing additional harm.

The officers’ intervention also aimed to halt the spread of the disease and alleviate the suffering of the infected fox.

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