Portland schools lockout lifted after email threat deemed hoax

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PORTLAND — On Tuesday morning, Portland Police were alerted at 10 a.m. about threats made to multiple schools within the Portland Public School District.

The targeted institutions included Ocean Avenue Elementary, Talbot Community School, Amanda Rowe Elementary, Peaks Island Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, and Deering High School.

In response, the district enforced a lockout at all schools, restricting entry and exit as authorities assessed the situation.

The Portland Police, in collaboration with the FBI, swiftly determined the threat was a hoax.

Following the investigation, Portland Police officers performed security walkthroughs at each of the six schools.

The institutions were cleared and resumed normal activities for the day.

The Portland Police Department expressed gratitude to the Portland Public Schools for their cooperation during the investigation.

Authorities are appealing to the public for any information that could aid in this case or others.

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