Newbury police warn of online ticket scam after Facebook hack

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NEWBURY — The Newbury Police Department issued a scam alert to residents cautioning them about online purchases, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook, following a report of a hacked account used to sell fraudulent Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Authorities were notified of the scam after a local’s Facebook account was compromised.

The hacker is allegedly attempting to sell tickets to the pop star’s concerts at significantly reduced prices across various online forums.

The police department stressed that if a deal appears excessively favorable, it likely isn’t genuine.

Consumers are urged to exercise due diligence and extensively verify both the seller’s credibility and the authenticity of the product before committing to any purchase.

The police also highlighted the importance of reporting any known hacked social media accounts to the respective platform to alert them of potential fraud.

Alongside the warning, the department shared a screenshot of the scam to inform and protect the community from falling victim to similar fraudulent activities.

As a reminder, the Newbury Police Department has taken steps to facilitate safer transactions for local residents by designating two parking spaces specifically for online purchase exchanges.

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