Phone scam targets Hampshire County residents

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NORTHAMPTON — Residents of Hampshire County are being warned of a phone scam in which callers pose as employees of the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office, according to Sheriff Patrick J. Cahillane.

The scammers instruct residents to return a call to 413-588-9833, claiming the recipients missed a court appearance and must turn themselves in to be booked and fingerprinted.

The scammers often claim to have a judge on the phone in an effort to extort money.

Sheriff Cahillane emphasized that the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office would never make such calls under any circumstances.

He advised residents who receive such calls to hang up immediately and not respond to the return call message.

Residents are encouraged to contact their local police department, file a report online with the FBI at www.fbi.gov, or notify the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office at 413-584-5911 if they receive a fraudulent call.

The Better Business Bureau offers the following tips for handling scam calls:
– Hang up immediately and do not press any buttons or return the call.
– Do not trust caller ID, as scammers can display any number or organization name.
– Never give out financial information unless you have verified the caller and initiated the call.

Sheriff Cahillane reiterated that the duty of the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office is to protect public safety and that his office will never make such calls.

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