Concord police warn residents of phone scam

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CONCORD — Police in Concord have issued a scam alert to residents, cautioning them about fraudulent phone calls from individuals claiming to be from the Concord Police Department.

These callers assert that the recipient owes money and must pay immediately to avoid arrest.

The Concord Police Department has confirmed that these calls are a scam.

Residents are advised not to pay any money and to contact the police department directly at 603-225-8600 if they receive such a call.

The police emphasized that they do not demand payments over the phone.

Scammers may use various tactics to appear legitimate, including blocking their phone numbers, using out-of-state area codes, or even displaying “Concord PD 603-225-8600” on caller ID.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call is urged to hang up and immediately report it to the Concord Police Department at 603-225-8600.

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