Community flocks to Newport Farm and Garden over Mother’s Day weekend

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NEWPORT — A bustling crowd gathered at Newport Farm and Garden over the weekend, drawn by the array of plant varieties and seasonal promotions, signaling a vibrant start to the gardening season.

The nursery, known for its extensive selection has become a focal point for gardening enthusiasts in the region. Among the most sought-after items are the hanging baskets and rose bushes, particularly popular around Mother’s Day.

The addition of a new 15 by 60 feet space dedicated solely to roses has expanded the already robust offerings.

With a total area of about 5,000 square feet, including a similarly sized showroom, Newport Farm and Garden offers everything from pre-made window boxes to apple trees and various fruit bushes like blueberries, raspberries, and currants. The nursery also features a full yard of perennials, all sourced from a local farm in Fairfax, ensuring they are suited to the local climate.

The community hub is staffed by about 12 employees during its peak season from April through October, reducing to five in the quieter winter months. This staffing allows the nursery to maintain its wide range of products and services, including wildflower seeds, annuals, perennials, and various starter plants like onions and sweet potatoes.

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Newport Farm and Garden also serves as a community gathering spot where locals share their gardening experiences and prepare for the planting season.

In addition to its seasonal allure, the store is collaborating with North Country Hospital and Community National Bank to offer a special 25% discount to nurses and hospital staff, enhancing its community connection.

As trucks continue to unload plants through the end of June, the nursery is set to reach its full bloom, with all signs pointing to another successful gardening season at Newport Farm and Garden.

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