Leanne Harple announces run for Orleans-4 House seat

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GLOVER — Leanne Harple, a former member of the Glover Select Board, has announced her candidacy for the Vermont State Representative seat in the Orleans-4 district, which includes Albany, Craftsbury, Glover, and Greensboro.

Harple is stepping into the race to succeed Representative Katherine Sims, who is vacating the seat this spring.

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With a rich background in local governance, Harple is aiming to leverage her experience to address broader state issues.

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Her campaign is set to focus on critical areas such as affordable housing, climate action, education, healthcare, and mental health support, emphasizing the particular challenges faced by rural communities in Vermont.

Harple, a native of the Northeast Kingdom, is motivated by a heartfelt desire to serve her community on a broader scale and ensure the well-being of rural Vermonters.

Her campaign will highlight these priorities, as she aims to bring her understanding of small-town intricacies to state-level problem-solving.

Endorsed by figures like Representative Sims and Maria Young, executive director of the NorthWoods Stewardship Center, Harple is recognized for her dedication to the community.

Sims praised her as a committed community member with a broad portfolio of involvement ranging from education to journalism.

Additionally, as an English teacher and department chair at Hazen Union School in Hardwick, and as president of the Orleans Southwest Education Association, Harple has been a staunch advocate for rural schools and educational advancement.

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