Amazon delivery driver commended for aiding hit-and-run investigation in Rutland, MA

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RUTLAND, MA — An Amazon delivery driver received a letter of commendation from the Rutland Police Department for her quick action during a hit-and-run incident on April 17.

Lesleigh Nydam of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, was in the middle of her delivery route when she witnessed a vehicle strike a pedestrian.

Without hesitation, she chased the fleeing vehicle on foot, managing to provide the 911 dispatcher with a detailed description including the vehicle’s make, model, direction of travel, and a partial license plate.

Thanks to Nydam’s swift response, police were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle.

The Rutland Police Department recognized her courageous efforts by presenting her with a letter of commendation, which was also forwarded to her employer.

Nydam’s actions were not only commendable but also pivotal in the ongoing investigation of the hit-and-run accident.

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