Putney man arrested for unlawful trespass, violation of release conditions

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PUTNEY — A local man was arrested after allegedly trespassing at a Main Street business and violating conditions of his release, authorities said.

The Windham County Sheriff’s Office reported that on April 24, a complaint was filed regarding an after-hours intrusion at a fenced-in business area.

The suspect, identified as Bryan Wainwright, 34, of Brattleboro, is accused of scaling a barbed-wire fence and entering vehicles on the property.

Detective Sgt. M. Checchi led the investigation, which resulted in probable cause to charge Wainwright with unlawful trespass.

Additionally, it was determined that Wainwright had breached his conditions of release.

Wainwright was apprehended on April 29 at the Vermont Superior Court-Windham Unit and taken into custody by deputies.

He has received a criminal citation and is scheduled to appear in court at a later date to face the charges.

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