Willimantic residents warned of scam calls impersonating police

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WILLIMANTIC — The Willimantic Police Department issued a warning Tuesday about scam phone calls targeting local residents by an individual falsely claiming to be “Sgt Nixon” from the police force.

Authorities clarified that the scam calls are not being made by Sgt Nixon or any other Willimantic officer.

The department has received multiple reports of the fraudulent activity and is urging the community to remain vigilant.

Residents who receive a suspicious call purporting to be from a police officer are advised to hang up immediately and contact the Willimantic Police directly at their routine phone number, 860-465-3135.

Officials emphasized that Willimantic Police officers do not use personal cell phone numbers for official business.

The department is actively pursuing the scam operation in an effort to halt the impersonation of law enforcement officials.

The police department expressed appreciation for the public’s attention, patience, and continued support during the investigation.

Residents are encouraged to spread the word about the scam to prevent others from falling victim.

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