Cattle cause highway havoc on I-91 in Coventry

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Photo by Carisa Kerner.
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COVENTRY — Vermont State Police responded to reports of cattle roaming and intermittently blocking traffic on Interstate 91 just north of the Orleans exit this morning.

At around 8:45 a.m., motorists reported several Scottish Highland cattle dangerously close to the roadway, causing traffic disruptions.

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Upon arrival, state troopers found the cattle’s owners at the scene, who were unsuccessful in corralling the animals. Efforts to secure the cattle led to temporary traffic modifications, including lane reductions and controlled traffic breaks to manage vehicle speeds safely.

Authorities used non-lethal beanbag rounds to prevent the cattle from entering active lanes of traffic.

Although the situation created significant traffic delays for about an hour, no accidents were reported.

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The owner of the cattle, Audrey Marsh, 46, of Coventry, was cited with a civil violation for allowing livestock to roam freely, carrying a fine of $10.

The cattle were last seen still at large, with efforts ongoing by local residents to capture them.

Photo by Ethan Robillard. Cattle seen off River Road.

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