Enfield police warn of increased thefts linked to online sales

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ENFIELD — Police are cautioning residents about a rise in thefts associated with listing items on Facebook Marketplace and similar social media platforms.

According to the Enfield Police Department, there has been a noticeable increase in dirt bike thefts, which they attribute to thieves using publicly available information to pinpoint sellers’ addresses.

When individuals list an item for sale, their name can often be linked to their location through public websites, providing criminals with a roadmap to their property.

Authorities emphasize that while Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient way to sell items, the visibility of sellers’ towns and names can inadvertently facilitate theft.

The police have observed a troubling uptick in burglaries aimed at stealing listed items, urging the community to exercise vigilance and consider privacy when engaging in online sales.

The Enfield Police Department is actively investigating the thefts and advises sellers to take precautions to protect their property and personal information online.

They are also asking anyone with information related to the thefts to come forward to assist in their efforts to curb this criminal trend.

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