Wilton police issue warning on credit card skimmers after Village Market incident

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WILTON — The Wilton Police Department issued an alert to local residents regarding a credit card skimming device found at Village Market.

The device was installed while the cashier was intentionally distracted.

Authorities have yet to determine how long the skimming device was operational.

Village Market is actively collaborating with the police department in the investigation.

The police are urging the public to monitor their bank accounts for any unauthorized activity that may suggest the presence of skimming devices.

To help identify potential skimmers, the police provided several tips:

– Look for misalignment between the card reader and the panel beneath it.
– Skimmers may protrude at an unusual angle if placed on top of the actual reader.
– Compare card readers at different registers or gas stations for any discrepancies.
– Inspect card readers visually and physically to check for loose parts that could indicate tampering.
– Skimming devices are often attached with double-sided tape.

Skimmers have been reported in various locations with card readers, including gas stations and supermarkets.

Residents are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they encounter.

Anyone with information or concerns is encouraged to contact Detective Eva Zimnoch at (203) 834-6260.

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