Rockingham County Sheriff warns of renewed phone scams

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BRENTWOOD — The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning about a resurgence of telephone scams where callers fraudulently claim to be law enforcement officials demanding payment for warrants.

High Sheriff Charles Massahos emphasized that his office does not call individuals to request payment over the phone for warrants or missed court appearances.

Scammers have been employing sophisticated tactics, including voicemails with New Hampshire area codes and convincing pre-recorded messages.

Citizens are advised to be cautious and verify the identity of callers by requesting a callback number and contacting the agency directly through officially listed numbers.

The scammers often use real deputies’ names and threaten the recipient to stay on the line, which Massahos pointed out is a clear indicator of a scam.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that they never solicit bond or payment via prepaid gift cards, credit cards, or other means by phone.

Massahos urged residents to talk with family members about recognizing and avoiding scams, noting that some schemes are elaborate and persuasive.

The Sheriff’s Office clarified that if someone has an outstanding warrant, deputies will make contact in person and provide transportation for processing and bail, with any payments made to a state-certified bail commissioner.

In cases involving civil warrants, individuals may receive official correspondence directing them to address the matter in person at a court.

Failure to comply could lead to an in-person visit from the Sheriff’s Office at one’s home or workplace.

The Sheriff’s Office is taking this opportunity to educate the public on these fraudulent activities and to prevent potential victims from falling prey to these scams.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office if they receive any suspicious calls.

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