North Haven police arrest man for brandishing firearm, firing pellets from vehicle

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NORTH HAVEN — A series of alarming incidents involving a driver brandishing a firearm on April 24 led to an arrest by North Haven Police Department.

At approximately 4:50 p.m., a patrol officer was alerted by a complainant who witnessed a person in a black Kia waving a firearm on Rt. 5 and heard two “pops.”

The initial complainant could not provide a license plate number, and a search for the vehicle was unsuccessful.

A second report came in describing a similar threat around 4 p.m., where the driver of the black Kia was seen waving a firearm and even stepped out of the vehicle at a traffic stop to point what appeared to be a rifle at the complainant.

No shots were fired in this encounter.

A third complaint followed soon after, with a victim claiming that around 4:45 p.m., after leaving a gas station on Washington Avenue, an individual pointed a firearm at their vehicle and seemed to discharge a projectile.

No injuries were reported from any of these incidents.

Collaboration with neighboring police departments revealed that the Hamden Police Department had received multiple calls about someone shooting a pellet gun at people in Hamden.

The suspect was apprehended in Hamden and subsequently transported to the hospital.

This morning, North Haven detectives arrested David Bertuglia of Cromwell.

Bertuglia faces charges including Breach of Peace 2nd Degree, Threatening 1st Degree, and Weapon in Motor Vehicle.

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