Yarmouth police dispatched to false emergency in ‘swatting’ incident

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SOUTH YARMOUTH — In response to a distressing 911 call, Yarmouth Police raced to a residence late Tuesday night only to discover it was a hoax, an act known as ‘swatting,’ officials said.

The call came in just before 10 p.m. with a whispering voice claiming a father had shot his mother and abruptly ended when the phone line went dead.

Police swarmed the given address, finding the house empty and dark, contradicting the dire situation described by the caller.

Despite repeated attempts to reconnect with the caller, the phone number was out of service, leaving officers at a dead end.

Neighbors and the homeowner confirmed that the house was not currently occupied.

‘Swatting’ calls like this one, where false reports of emergencies are made to trigger a heavy law enforcement response, pose significant risks to public safety.

They can divert critical resources from actual emergencies and place both officers and residents in harm’s way.

While this incident ended without injury, the department warns against the severe consequences of such pranks.

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