North Kingstown police warn of phone scam demanding payment via gift cards

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NORTH KINGSTOWN — A local resident received a fraudulent phone call from an individual posing as a police officer, the North Kingstown Police Department warned Tuesday.

According to authorities, the scammer informed the victim of an “active arrest warrant” in their name.

To resolve the alleged warrant, the caller instructed the victim to pay a specified sum with pre-paid gift cards.

The police department has issued a scam alert to the community, emphasizing that its officers do not make phone calls requesting money to clear warrants.

Additionally, the department stated that it would never solicit payment through pre-paid gift card numbers for any purpose.

Residents are advised to remain vigilant of such deceptive practices and to report any suspicious activity to the North Kingstown Police Department.

The department also encourages the community to share this information with vulnerable individuals, including seniors, who may be at a higher risk of falling prey to such scams.

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