Card skimmer found in Berlin, CT Dollar General

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BERLIN — Police are urging residents who shopped at the Dollar General on Farmington Avenue to keep an eye on their bank statements after a card skimmer was found on one of the store’s checkout terminals.

The skimming device, used to steal credit and debit card information, was discovered today, though officials have not determined how long it might have been in place.

Customers who paid by card at the affected terminal are advised to monitor their accounts for any unauthorized transactions and report them immediately.

To help prevent falling victim to such scams, police shared tips to recognize card skimmers:

– Look for misalignment or color differences between the card reader and the panel underneath.
– Skimmers often sit atop the real card reader, making it protrude unusually or obscure panel markings, such as arrows.
– Compare the card reader at your register to others nearby for any discrepancies.
– Conduct a physical inspection by feeling around the card reader and keypad for loose parts or devices that may detach.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident and are working with the store to ensure customer safety.

Anyone with information or who suspects fraudulent activity on their account is encouraged to contact the Berlin Police Department.

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