Scammers impersonate Strafford County deputies, sheriff’s office warns

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DOVER — Scammers are posing as deputies from the Strafford County Sheriff’s Office, calling residents and attempting to solicit payments for fines or court orders, the sheriff’s office said today.

According to the sheriff’s office, multiple reports have been received of individuals being contacted by fraudsters using names of current or former deputies.

These scammers have been noted to possess valid personal information about the targets, such as addresses and places of employment.

Officials have emphasized that the Strafford County Sheriff’s Office does not ask for payment over the phone and urges the public not to provide personal or payment information to unsolicited callers.

Residents who receive such calls or who doubt the legitimacy of the caller are encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office directly to verify the identity of the person claiming to be a law enforcement officer.

The sheriff’s office is available for contact and verification 24/7 at the dispatch number 603-742-4968.

Authorities are asking anyone who has encountered this scam to report it immediately to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken to protect the community and apprehend the perpetrators.

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