Groton man charged with sexual assault of a minor

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GROTON — A local resident was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault involving a minor, police announced Thursday.

The City of Groton Police Department wrapped up an investigation into a reported sexual assault of a minor within the city limits.

Josely Collazo, 34, of 17 Mather Ave, emerged as a suspect during the probe.

Following an arrest warrant approved by the New London Superior Court, Collazo faces two counts of first-degree sexual assault, one count of third-degree sexual assault, and three counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Collazo was detained on a $275,000 bond and appeared for arraignment at GA-10 New London on the same day of his arrest, May 3.

The police urge anyone with information about ongoing criminal activities to contact the City of Groton Police Department Detective Division at 860-446-4186.

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