Driver arrested for reckless operation during speed enforcement in Nashua

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NASHUA — Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies arrested one individual for reckless operation and issued multiple warnings and summonses during a speed enforcement effort on May 6 and May 7.

The Safety Corridor Patrol, which took place on Route 3 in the Nashua and Merrimack area, resulted in 42 traffic stops, with deputies handing out 55 warnings and 4 summonses.

The arrest was made after a driver was clocked at 105 mph on the Fredrick E. Everett Turnpike, significantly exceeding the posted speed limit.

The operation was part of a collaborative initiative among state, county, and local law enforcement agencies aimed at curtailing dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding, impairment, distraction, and reckless driving.

The overarching aim of the patrol was to prevent crashes, reduce injuries, and save lives on the roads.

Funding for the enforcement effort was provided through grants from the NH Office of Highway Safety, ensuring resources were available for this targeted action to improve road safety in the region.

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