Sam Douglass enters race for Orleans County Senate seat

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TROY — Senator Bobby Starr announcing his retirement has paved the way for new candidates like Sam Douglass to prepare for the upcoming election.

Representing a district that spans 20 towns across the Northeast Kingdom, primarily in Orleans County, Starr’s departure marks the end of a significant chapter in local governance.

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Starr, known for his staunch support of traditional Vermont values including hunting, fishing, trapping, firearm rights, fiscal restraint, and agriculture, has been a vocal advocate for the agricultural community in Montpelier. His retirement raises concerns about continued advocacy for these sectors.

In his announcement, Douglass praised Starr for his dedication and echoed the importance of maintaining a focus on the needs of the Northeast Kingdom’s rural lifestyle.

He emphasized the need for legislators who understand agricultural life and can drive tractors, signaling his intent to continue advocating for minimal regulations on farming practices.

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Douglass also highlighted the importance of fiscal responsibility and affordability in Vermont, committing to uphold Starr’s legacy without using the senate seat as a stepping stone to higher political ambitions.

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