Antique car accident injures three at Kennebunk parade

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KENNEBUNK — A festive parade turned into a chaotic scene Saturday when an antique vehicle suddenly lurched forward, pinning several people against a float on Water Street.

The incident occurred as participants were preparing to start the parade.

The vehicle, part of the procession, unexpectedly accelerated and crashed into a trailer being used as a float, which had numerous children aboard.

Three adults were injured in the accident, two of whom sustained significant lower extremity injuries.

While several children suffered bumps and bruises, there were no critical injuries reported among them.

Kennebunk Fire-Rescue (KFR), Kennebunk Police Department (KPD), and the Town of Kennebunk have all expressed their hopes for a swift and complete recovery for the injured individuals.

Officials have also extended their gratitude to the bystanders who assisted in managing the situation and tending to the patients until emergency services arrived.

Among those who offered their help were two Physician Assistants who played a crucial role in attending to one of the more severely injured patients.

The quick response from KFR and KPD, including both on-duty crew members and those participating in the parade, was crucial in addressing the emergency effectively.

Additional support was provided by Kennebunkport EMS and Arundel Fire-Rescue, who responded with extra ambulances to assist at the scene.

The cause of the antique car’s malfunction is currently under investigation, and further details will be released as they become available.

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