Salem police warn of scam calls impersonating the department

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SALEM — The Salem Police Department issued a scam alert Friday after receiving reports of fraudulent calls being made to residents by individuals posing as department officials.

Authorities are investigating the scheme in which scammers use the name of the Salem Police Department to solicit personal information and payments from unsuspecting individuals.

The exact nature of the requests made during these calls is currently unclear, but officials emphasize that the police would never ask for personal details or money over the phone.

The department is urging residents to be vigilant and to disconnect any call that seems suspicious.

They are advised to then directly contact the Salem Police Department’s authentic phone number at 603-893-1911 to report the incident or confirm the legitimacy of any inquiries.

Residents are also encouraged to inform friends and family, particularly the elderly who may be more vulnerable to such scams, to help prevent anyone from falling victim.

The Salem Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the community and thanks residents for their cooperation in maintaining a scam-free weekend.

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