Leicester K9 injured while asisting in arrest

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LEICESTER — A Leicester police K9 unit successfully tracked and assisted in the apprehension of a suspect in Paxton on May 1, leading to an unexpected opioid exposure that endangered the life of K9 Cooney.

Officer Matthew Fenuccio and his K9 partner were called at 9:54 p.m. to support the Paxton Police Department.

After a 20-minute scent-based pursuit, the suspect was located and arrested by local authorities.

However, the incident took a perilous turn when K9 Cooney began showing symptoms of opioid exposure, including those associated with Fentanyl, later in the evening while off-duty.

Fenuccio, recognizing the signs of opioid poisoning, quickly administered Naloxone, also known as Narcan, to his K9 partner—a reversal drug carried by the department for such emergencies.

Following the initial treatment, K9 Cooney was transported to the Veterinary Emergency Group in Shrewsbury, where he received further emergency care including intravenous Naloxone and Flumazenil.

Thanks to the prompt responses by Officer Fenuccio and the medical team, K9 Cooney’s condition improved rapidly.

The Leicester Police Department reports that the K9 has made a full recovery and is back to health after the dangerous exposure.

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