Westbrook officers honored for solving complex domestic violence case

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WESTBROOK — Two Westbrook police officers have been recognized for their exceptional investigative work that led to the arrest of a suspect in a complex domestic and sexual violence case.

Sergeant Chris Burgess and Detective Jeff Stackpole were awarded the 2023 Criminal Investigation Award for their dedication to a case that unfolded in May.

The investigation presented unique challenges, including language barriers and the sensitive nature of the crimes involved.

Working tirelessly, Burgess and Stackpole managed to gather enough evidence through their meticulous investigative efforts, ultimately leading to the arrest of an adult suspect on charges of Domestic Violence Assault and Unlawful Sexual Touching.

Their commitment to justice and victim advocacy has been commended by their peers and the community.

The Westbrook Police Department proudly acknowledged the detectives’ hard work and professionalism in overcoming the obstacles faced during the investigation.

The successful resolution of the case and the subsequent award underscore the department’s dedication to addressing and preventing domestic and sexual violence within the community.

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