Norwood police warn of scam calls seeking donations

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NORWOOD — Local residents have been targeted by fraudulent calls from individuals claiming to be the Norwood Police and asking for donations, the Norwood Police Department warned Tuesday.

The scam involves callers falsely representing themselves as members of the police, seeking contributions supposedly for the Norwood Police Association (NPA).

The NPA, a legitimate organization supporting community and member needs, has confirmed it does not solicit donations over the phone.

Residents receiving such calls are advised that these are not sanctioned by the NPA.

While the police department itself does not assist in NPA fundraising efforts, it emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between these scam calls and legitimate NPA correspondence.

Officials urged the community to be cautious and disregard any requests for donations made via telephone.

Those who wish to support the NPA and its charitable causes are encouraged to make their contributions securely by dropping a check at the Norwood Police Department Headquarters, located at 137 Nahatan Street.

The department urges anyone who has received a suspicious call to report it to the Norwood Police Department to help prevent further attempts at fraud.

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