Man drives from Pennsylvania to threaten Laconia woman, arrested with Molotov cocktail

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LACONIA — A man has been charged with 11 Class A misdemeanors after driving from Pennsylvania to allegedly threaten a Laconia woman who had ended their relationship, according to police.

Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfield said the man was found in possession of an improvised Molotov cocktail.

“It was very crude,” Canfield stated. “It was a Corona beer bottle that had a wick in it. Certainly, it represented a Molotov cocktail. Fortunately, it did not ignite.”

The suspect is also accused of hurling a rock through the woman’s living room window, which landed inside the residence.

“In addition to the improvised Molotov cocktail, he also threw a rock that went through a living room window that landed inside the residence,” Canfield said.

The arrest occurred when the man drove by the woman’s home while she was speaking with officers.

The police noticed him, followed his vehicle, and subsequently pulled him over.

Further details about the case are pending as the investigation continues.

The suspect’s name has not been released pending formal charges.

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