North Country Hospital honors volunteers during National Volunteer Week

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NEWPORT — North Country Hospital celebrated National Volunteer Week with a special event honoring the dedication and service of its volunteers, led by Merrilyn Barry, the Director of Volunteers. The hospital’s Food & Nutrition department provided lunch for the 18 volunteers who attended the celebration.

Tom Frank, President & CEO of the hospital, expressed his gratitude, noting, “We really do appreciate the work you do here, every day, and you all bring unique skills to the organization. Thank you!”

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Volunteers at the hospital serve in various capacities including the gift shop, surgical waiting room, IT department, Rehab Services, and the Dialysis Center.

“You make us shine!” Barry remarked during the event. In recognition of their service, volunteers received a milestone hour award along with a personal lantern.

Volunteers and their accumulated hours:

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Linda Quarmby, 600 hours; Carole Dowd, 1450; Laurie Cain, 3730; Rosemary Hall, 2370; Lois Bailey, 222. Susan Wu, 30 hours; Helen Fontaine, 2063; Marge Ovitt, 1536; Lynda Hendrickson, 35; Tim Willis, 312; Anita Burke, 1860; Esther Bowman, 760; Mel Fortin, 8000; Lydie Duchemin, 60; Gail Robitaille, 2860; Connie Johnson, 1000. William Case, 36; Lauri Madsen, 160.

Volunteers not in attendance: Laura Bouchard, 300; Robert Messier, 82; Deborah Smith, 1862; Olive White, 1940; Sherry Bradley, 760; Mary Ann Paquin, 1690; Dennis Ziegler, 36.

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