Merrimack man faces charges for assault, obstructing report of a crime, and possessing explosives

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MERRIMACK — A local man was arrested on multiple charges, including possessing an explosive device, after police responded to a domestic violence call at a Merrimack residence on April 30.

Richard Stringer, 56, was taken into custody following an investigation that began at 9 p.m. when officers arrived on the scene to address a report of an assault against a household member.

During the encounter, Stringer allegedly tried to prevent the victim from contacting authorities.

After his arrest, Stringer was transported to the Merrimack Police Department, processed, and released on Personal Recognizance Bail, which required him to surrender all firearms, ammunition, and deadly weapons.

When officers collected these items, they discovered materials in his home indicative of explosive manufacturing.

The Nashua Police Department Hazardous Device Unit was called in to assist with the situation.

Subsequently, an additional arrest warrant was issued for Stringer on May 1 for Possession of an Infernal Machine, a Class A Felony, defined as any device capable of endangering life or property through fire or explosion.

Stringer, now facing the additional felony charge, was processed again at Merrimack PD and held on Preventative Detention.

He is due to appear in the 9th Circuit Merrimack District Court on May 2.

Following his arraignment, Stringer’s bail was set at $2,000 cash.

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