Massachusetts residents warned of phone scam impersonating state police

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PELHAM — Massachusetts State Police issued a scam alert to residents after numerous reports of fraudulent phone calls that appear to be coming from the agency’s official phone numbers.

According to authorities, the scam involves caller ID “spoofing,” where the incoming call seems to originate from a Massachusetts State Police number.

But in reality, the calls are not legitimate.

Some of the impostors are falsely identifying themselves as members of the State Police or as affiliates, while others hang up immediately after the call is answered.

The State Police emphasized that they are not currently conducting any fundraisers and do not make phone solicitations for any reason.

Residents are urged to hang up immediately if they receive such calls and to avoid sharing any personal or financial information.

To further protect themselves, individuals are advised to verify the legitimacy of any charity by contacting the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Corporation Division at (617) 727-9640 before making a donation.

Authorities are asking anyone who receives these fraudulent calls to report the incident to the Massachusetts State Police, allowing them to investigate and prevent further scams.

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