Effingham residents warned of police impersonation scam

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EFFINGHAM — Residents in this small New Hampshire town are being targeted by scammers pretending to be police officers, according to the Effingham Police Department.

The department has received multiple reports of phone calls from individuals claiming to be affiliated with the local police, asserting that residents have active warrants.

These scammers are then demanding payment through third-party apps such as Venmo and Zelle to resolve the supposed warrants.

The Effingham Police Department is urging the community to be vigilant.

If residents receive such calls, they should not provide any personal information.

Instead, they are advised to immediately hang up and contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 603-539-2284 Ext.1.

Following this, an Effingham police officer will reach out to the resident to discuss the incident.

Authorities are reminding people that law enforcement agencies do not contact individuals in this manner for payment of warrants and that any such call should be considered fraudulent.

Residents are encouraged to report these calls to help identify and stop the scammers.

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