Belchertown police probe bullets hitting homes on Mountain View Drive

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BELCHERTOWN — Authorities continue to actively investigate the source of wayward bullets that struck several homes on Mountain View Drive within the past year.

The most recent incident occurred on March 29, when an errant bullet struck a residence on Mountain View Drive, shattering a sliding glass door.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

A similar incident happened on June 27, when the glass door on the front of a nearby house on Mountain View Drive was struck and shattered by a bullet.

Nobody was injured in that incident.

These incidents are being jointly investigated by the Belchertown Police, the Massachusetts State Police and the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office.

“Figuring out where these stray bullets are coming from is obviously the first step toward preventing it from happening again,” said First Assistant District Attorney Steven E. Gagne. “We are doing everything in our power to restore a sense of safety and security for the residents of Mountain View Drive.”

Mountain View Drive is located along the Belchertown/Granby town line, and is approximately one mile east of the Granby Bow and Gun Club.

Although not all details of the ongoing investigation can be disclosed, authorities have obtained the names of the individuals who were present at the club on March 29 and are conducting interviews.

Anyone with information pertaining to these incidents is encouraged to contact Sergeant Robert Mann of the Belchertown Police Department at (413) 323-6685 ext. 279.

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