South Portland police make 5 OUI arrests in recent crackdown

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SOUTH PORTLAND — South Portland Police reported a series of operating under the influence (OUI) arrests, totaling five since late Friday night, attributed to vigilant police work and community involvement.

The department’s efforts come as a response to both citizen tips and driving complaints, alongside proactive patrols by officers.

Among the individuals apprehended, one had a record of five prior OUI charges.

Breathalyzer tests administered to the suspects yielded high blood alcohol content levels, with recorded results of 0.24, 0.22, and 0.16.

Two individuals refused to provide breath samples.

Despite the potential danger inherent in such offenses, police confirmed that there were no injuries associated with the arrests.

Additional charges have been brought against some of the offenders, though specific details on these supplementary offenses were not immediately provided.

The South Portland Police Department emphasized their commitment to public safety, stating that they treat OUI offenses with utmost severity and will persistently monitor the roads for impaired drivers to prevent future incidents.

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